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I am honored that you stopped by my page. I'd like to introduce myself-I'm Layne! I love to run, and I'm here to help you learn learn the ropes. In January of 2020, I received my distance running coaching license certified by the Road Runners Club of America. Through personal experience and specialized training, I have gained the appropriate knowledge to be able to guide you on your next running journey.


I ran my first 5k race when I was ten years old. My Mom was an avid runner and I wanted to be like her. She let me borrow her Garmin watch (which was nearly the size of my iPhone now), and I used it to "train" for the local race. That short, fun run was the start of a life long pursuit of running. I ran my first half marathon in Little Rock, AR at fourteen years old and it was by far the hardest thing I had ever done. I did not think that I could ever tackle a full marathon, but four years later I crossed the finish line after twenty six point two miles in Maine a week after I graduated high school. I am twenty one years old with two full marathons and six half marathons under my belt. Each race journey has shaped me into the runner and the woman I am today. I set goals when I was young, and I have learned how to adequately reach and surpass those goals. I have also come to believe that humans were born and created to run. Many people do not understand the power that is held in their own bodies. Our bodies can do so much more than we can imagine, but it all begins with the decision to start moving. I've come to realize that believing in my physical capability will get me to any finish line. I want to help others find that in themselves.


I debated including my race times on this page, but it is important for you to know that I am a normal runner. I am not an elite runner, I am simply passionate about living an active life. I have felt the pressure to run certain times and races, and I have also struggled with feeling the pressure to look a certain way. I have discovered that comparison and unnecessary pressure take the joy out of running. That being said, here I am! I am proud of every one of these races because each one has made me stronger in some way. Every long-distance race I have run is included below.


  • RRCA Certified Running Coach

Race Times

  • Little Rock Half Marathon 2014: 2:02:55

  • Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon 2014: 2:12:01

  • White River Half Marathon 2014: 1:56:22

  • White River Half Marathon 2015: 1:54:13

  • Maine Coast Marathon 2018: 3:57:11

  • St. Jude Half Marathon 2018: 1:57:54

  • St. George Marathon 2019: 3:50:51 PR

  • St. Jude Half Marathon 2019: 1: 51:01 PR

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