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It's All About the Best

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

It’s all about the best. The media shines a light on the record breakers and the unsurpassed. The average runner is not the one in the light. While the best accomplish extraordinary goals, so do you. Every time you choose to move your body, you accomplish much.

I have spent plenty of time watching and comparing myself to the best. What time do I need to run in order to get the attention? Will that one girl be at this next race? How can I look more like her? I have learned that this mentality blots out the real, pure joy that running is designed to give. These comparisons would be my motivation to run. How selfish and draining of a mentality that was.

It’s time to stop comparing and start encouraging. What would our running community look like if we all genuinely encouraged each other to work hard in our own race? The pure joy of running is stolen when comparison wins. Let’s crush it. Work hard for you and the people around you. Don’t let the fit girl you saw on Instagram be the reason you lace up your shoes tomorrow morning.

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